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Grinding your teeth, or bruxism (BRUK-siz-im) is a condition many suffer from. You may notice you clench your teeth at certain times of the day, or with stress. This habit also occurs during sleep. Your dentist may noticed the surface of your teeth being worn out or cracks in your teeth, and prescribe a mouth guard. There are people who will use the guard as prescribed, while others find it difficult to sleep with it. In the long run, aside from wear and tear on your teeth, it can cause headaches, enlarged jaw/chewing muscles and dysfunction of the TMJ. Save your teeth !!!

There is a medical solution to this problem ! It involves direct injection of neuromodulators to the muscles involved with a neuromodulator. It's a quick and easy procedure that lasts up to 6 months. There is no downtime after injection. The results are not noticeable immediately, but by 3 weeks the therapeutic effect start to appear. The neuromodulator causes mild paralysis of the muscle rendering it weaker. Over time, it has also been shown that muscle mass decreases 10% by week 3, peaking at 30% mass reduction at 3 months, then decreasing effect after. The best time to come back to continue reaping the benefits is 3-6 months after injection. You may not even need your mouth guard ! And the best thing is---it also slims your face.

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